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Tem against counterfeiting is composed like?

Anti-counterfeiting stamps used for the purpose of helping consumers identify genuine quickly, avoid mistakenly purchased fake. The use of a sticker as a measure of economic and security means goods and protect consumers.


In the absence of normal use labels that use stamps sticker with one of the security features, the production costs increased only slightly by the price of the stamp material. However, in return, stamp stickers not only helps classify goods, but also become a means to combat counterfeiting.


Raw materials for anti-counterfeiting labels very special and unique for each type of product. The form of each type of stamp-label also very rich. From cheap and simple kind to all kinds of expensive, high-tech integrated, secured almost 100% safety. These codes determine the authenticity mark of goods are recorded on the surface or may be recorded in the inner surface of the raw material (billets) or bottom adhesive layer.


Form hologram


- Mark shares sink: two or three dimensions can be printed on demand on top of the paper, the light will see or look at stamp-label when under different angles you will see the sign up code current sink . Type this code in Vietnam commonly used on stamps cosmetics, books, papers ...


- Fiber Protection: The protection fiber length and different colors are included in the composition of the paper casts visible or not, or only visible when ultraviolet radiation.


- The sparkling metallic thread: The thick metal fibers or flakes can be attached to the paper (plaques bar or the entire area). They are colorful, even those tiny patterns. Special metal fibers included into the mix with a sticker materials, to make false stamps requires strict invent such materials. In case of a manufacturer located as metal fibers have special drawings (or print) the counterfeiting very difficult to imitate.



- The protection bar: The small metal bar (also known as metal wire) can also be put on paper and look physically embryos as well as by light reflection.


- Strip sparkling color: color strips protect special sparkling six-color (green tree, blue, red, purple, copper, gold) are printed on paper shuffling embryos. The range of colors can not be reproduced by copiers including color, offset printing machines or laser printers.


- Paper is sensitive to the type of solution: A type of paper used as raw material which used to peel labels, fluids (chemicals) will leave marks on paper.


- The luminescent particles when near infrared light: Those particles visible laser irradiation on labels can be distributed throughout the paper embryo or embryos can be injected into the form of drawings, patterns.



- The types of chemicals: Code seal by chemical-based genetic technology. Type "biological code" based on the principle of antibodies, they are only recognized by the decoder biologically fit.


- The micro-particles: particles of polymer multi-layer, multi-color, copyrighted (20-400 micron) with special codes on request. We have chemical Sustainability (sustainable to the effects of the majority of soluble and acid solution) can be added to the glue or workpiece surface tem-label. Security label is made visible only when strictly follow the color density of the particles that drug.


Manufacturers can find any kind of sticker that has features you need: robust or fragile, or peeling stickers are very easy to eat, hot or cold temperature resistant, UV, acid, alkali ... It is important to choose the correct basic materials and coordinate them in the sticker manufactured to perform up to the set requirements.