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Envelopes are a common packaging, often made of materials such as paper or cardboard. It is designed to accommodate a thin flat object, such as a letter or document.


Traditional Envelopes are made from plain paper is one of three shapes: rhombus, cross fold, or kites. Created by envelope by folding paper envelopes ear forming rectangle around a central area. In this way, rectangular duochinh into an arrangement with four wings of paper ears around.


Most businesses are printed envelope to send information in marketing strategy. When you send information or documents to the client, it will make the image of your business to be more professional. It will make your customers better understand the information that you provide now.




A beautiful envelope will generate interest from customers. There are many types of envelope sizes and different shapes. Usually there are two kinds of envelope 220mm x 120mm popularity is 340mm x 250mm and. Depending on the size of the items will be stored in there that you can choose for themselves the appropriate envelope or envelope printing templates to perform for each different purpose.


- Structure design and print envelopes

      + Pull paste printing envelopes

      + Cover envelope

      + Deformed paper folded to seal the envelope.

      A space where the envelope inside out

      + Fold the edge of the envelope

      + Edge envelope

      + Tai envelope

      + Fold the paper under envelope

      + The bottom envelope


- The envelope print type typically differentiate through lid

     * Covers commercial envelope is often jagged, shallow rounded corners.

     * Envelope flap pockets with a rounded rectangle.

     * Envelope square or rectangular with straight edges and corners not quite round.

     * Postage envelope with a triangular flap angles or slightly rounded.


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