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Steps brochure design beautiful and efficient

1. Design a creative brochure



Who mandatory Brochure must be A4 size rectangles? You sell cars it? Try designing a brochure shaped car. Also sell sports equipment is designed brochure in form or racquet ball, for example. Applying the imagination when making brochures may attract higher efficiency. Try different sizes, thin, thick, tall, short or square shape rounded it out. Only a single limit costs too expensive brochure printing alone.


2. Place the message in the first cover (motto sales, service motto, slogan, suggested questions, what is the best company you can ...).




This is the "law" of the brochure the most important, but it's weird that, few people realize this. The cover of the brochure act like the headline of an ad. Just 5 has to 4 do not perform as such. If you leave to the new page in the story refers to sales, then you are wasting 80% of money in brochure.


3. Select the photos express the ideas needed



A photograph or photographs depicting your company's better to use the word.


4. Always annotate images



After the cover, position Customer caption read most.


5. Clear layout, highlighting important points




Say it sounds simple because everyone knows about this already. As you begin to design, you will find it difficult that people just like to put as much information in as possible. Do not hesitate to remove the more complex and cumbersome. Focus on what you have, or, it is served like, what promotions have not, where counseling, address of head office and branches, there is no trial, aftermarket how v ... v ... And if your company is a great company, with long-term development process, has many awards for quality and has many large customers, you should not present more than one page long.


6. Take photos instead of drawings



According to the polls, brochure designs using snapshot (photo) made the call arrivals than 26% higher than the figure used design (illustration drawing).

For the popular sectors, photo locations in the viewer's mind the real and vivid images. But the picture we should use in the field of art, fashion v ... v ... then your brochure will have "style" more.


7. Make your brochure worth keeping




Your Brochure is kept long as it was selling power. Paper thickness and attractive design, with more information or help for your brochure customers "save" reference. They even used it to store documents such as a folder.


8. Bring the premium for products




In many cases, your product brochure as, or almost as a salesman. You've invested in their products must also invest in its face.


9. Invite guests to order



It is simple. Contact information for your company must be presented clearly, formal and should be located in a separate place. Then you also specify that you want to do: want customers call, via the website or email contact ... remember accompanying service hours as possible